High impact marketing strategies to help you effectively
connect with investors

The Guerin Group works with new and established groups in all aspects of fundraising readiness and investor relations.

Over three decades operating in the capital markets as both LPs and GPs

Direct experience successfully fundraising and leading IR programs

Ongoing surveying of over 200 institutional investors, providing access and insight into their current thinking

An understanding of what investors require before committing to a fund

“The LPs told Gail what they would not tell us and we used the results to make real changes in the firm.”

“A very good experience – in the past, we did not read the market properly and we did not want to make that mistake again.”

“No negatives – only positives. Gail has done a ton of LP work – she knows them and they know her.”

“The biggest benefit is understanding the perception of the firm from our investor’s perspective because it is not just about the numbers, it is the intangible stuff that gets the commitment.”