Surveying Your Investors

Investor surveys provide insight into your competitive positioning helping you effectively prepare for your next fundraise.

Why Do A Survey?

Investors tell us what they will not
tell you   

  • Enables you to address issues before a fundraise
  • Investors value and appreciate being asked their opinion
  • Investors respect a GP who is willing to be critiqued

What You Learn?

Increase your chances of a successful

  • The probability of your current investors supporting your next fund
  • Why investors did or did not invest with you in the past
  • Who your investors compare you to and how you measure up

The Report – a Roadmap for Success

A strategic plan to address the
issues raised  

  • Detailed transcripts of every investor interview
  • Assessment of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyses of your strategy, team, IR, and organizational design